Just a perfect day… Riaan in Haga Haga


So this is entry no. 11, and yesterday was my birthday. I am now 47 (4+7 = 11) in 2011… all just coincidence ?

We went down to Haga Haga, our nearest town. just Riaan and myself. It is such a beautiful little place and the weather was perfect. Riaan also gathered information for the walking trails he is planning.

The only damper on the day (the last few days actually) is a massive tooth ache. I mean massive. At first I was the brave one, I will fix it, it kind of worked, but kept on coming back.  I would wake up with no pain, but as the day went on it got worse and worse, until that point where you want to rip the tooth out with a pair of pliers or chop your own head of just to be rid of the pain and I am no sissy, or so I say… This carried on for almost a week and came to a full blown confrontation yesterday. The pain was just too much, I have to admit I lost the battle; I went to a Dentist this morning.  My poor ego is crushed, (now that I can feel that and not the tooth ache) I have always been quite proud of the fact that I do not get sick, not even colds and no allergies.

I am also not big van on Pharmaceutical products, but you know what, it is easy to talk.  When you are in serious pain and you have tried your best and nothing works, these pills suddenly does not look so bad, the side effect are suddenly not that important. I took a view Grandpa’s (very mild compared to some of the painkiller out there), which worked for a few days, but by yesterday they made no difference. Now what do you do, take stronger pills and then even stronger ones until you end up with an addictions problem and you still have a teeth problem (you are just not aware of it anymore) or do you get to the root (pardon the pun) of the problem, i.e. stop being so stubborn and go to a Dentist.

I also read somewhere, a while ago, about the amount of people walking around with constant tooth ache, simply because they cannot afford dental services.  I have a lot to be grateful for, but  I honestly think this is the worst pain I have ever experienced, but then again, as Riaan said “isn’t every tooth ache always the worst pain you have ever experienced?” I have to admit my teeth have always been a weak point, never been pretty, never been strong.

I also believe that there is very often a mind, body, spirit connection with pain and disease, maybe in this case it is some sort of retarded stress reaction to the whole uprooting and replanting my life just went through, not sure.

My timing is just really bad, because we are missing out on the 1st day of the Perma Culture course.  There is nothing I can do to change that now, we will just have to catch up one way or the other. I have been wanting to do this course or a similar type course in Pema Culture for a while, but nothing of this sort was happening in Limpopo.

I am very much looking forward to tomorrow…..









Our way of life (alternative, of the grid, trying to be self sustainable) is not necessary the right way, it is just a different way, at least we are trying, because the truth is that capitalism is bound to fail, it is a system based on a endless supply of resourced (which we do not have), you are expected to slave away, so that you can buy buy, throw away, buy buy some more , slave some more and so the vicious circle continues.  These resources we are wasting and polluting  are starting to run short already, even in the so called Western societies. What will happen when all the money in the world cannot buy you clean water, because there is no clean water…… So we either change this system or let it run into self destruct and we destroy ourselves, that simple.

The amazing part is that most people just do not see this, why is this?

Is it 12 years of indoctrination called schooling, followed up by live long brainwashing via TV and other media (The media does play a missive roll in sustaining the current system). We are being bullied, bombarded and brainwashed into supporting a system that works very well for very few, yet we strive to be like the few, we buy magazine and gloat over some movie star, because he/she is good looking, wealthy and famous (but famous for what exactly) we spend hours watching the Royal wedding, but I guess that is okay because you actually paid – via your tax money you sucker- for the wedding. We buy the most ridiculous products, (products that create waste) like under arm moisturizer, because the pretty (airbrushed) girl in the advertisement says you will be ugly and socially unacceptable if you don’t. We treat our slave master and torturers like kings and we aspire to be like them.

Sometimes I think we are so dumb we deserve to self destruct, but we are not really that dumb, it is just that our whole system is designed to keep us in a state of fear, fear of shortage, fear of alienation, fear of fear, for that matter.

Yet, every single messenger/master, like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, etc. all brought the same message –


All you need is love.



Butterfly blue…

If you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can move mountains…

You create your own reality with your thoughts, this is scientifically proven, your thoughts are pure energy, enough of the same energy is matter, everything that you see around you is matter, and your matter is your reality. This process is happening all the time, whether you are aware of it or not, but then again, only if you believe it?

Changing those (negative) thought remains easier said than done or maybe as easy or as hard as you believe it to be?

Conditioning is the main barrier in this process of change, you form ideas about people and situations based on previous experience and you react (mostly instinctively) to your learned programming and we make the same mistakes over and over again. The first step in changing this is to be aware of this. Think about what you are thinking about. I guess this is what the Buddhists mean when they talk about being mindful.

It also takes guts to step out of the comfort zone of having the Universe/God to blame for the mess-ups and mishaps in your life, if you believe you have absolute creative power this whole thing becomes your responsibility, no more God to blame.

I am actually very good with this creating my own reality thing, but I have also learned I am not wise enough to do it all on my own. Unfortunately I lack self worth and wisdom and fore-sight, I ask for stupid stuff and then I get it! I am working on these issues, but in the meantime, I am back to co-operation with a higher source. Sometimes you know what you want, but is it what you need?

I realize my abilities but I doubt my wisdom.