Eye-flowered Mantis, a visitor to the garden

We go from extreme to extreme, from the yin to the yang, when will we stop, when will we evolve to the realization that we have the power to change things, not just repeat the same old same…

This is the next step in our evolution, stop repeating the norm, find the 3rd option and very important, stop blaming God for everything.

Are we close to breaking this circle and entering a next dimension of perception, this will tie in very well with all the 2012 predictions of “the end of the world – as we know it” theory.

Age of Aquarius, my summary of that – each one to their own and keep in mind the REAL message, which is Love and faith, the bottom line message with Christians, Muslims and Jews etc. Unfortunately more often than not the rules and regulations becomes more important than the actual message.

Is this paradise or paranoia, what is the difference, only perception.

I would like all to blend and create a work of art called heaven (whatever your picture of heaven is) What is your picture of heaven? Make sure it is a good one!

But why is your heaven “out there somewhere on a cloud” or wherever. What about the here and now, why not create heaven here. You are not dead yet and we have the power to create heaven on earth. Most people still does not realize this, do you realize this?






 I know all about the Illuminati and greed and reptilians and 911 and so the list goes on….all thanks to Facebook and other Social Media. Actually I knew all about it before that.

I also know that the conspiracy theory can very well be the conspiracy.  There are just so many contradictions and theories, some of them downright silly (you have to wonder what they are tripping on), while others are very scary and others are well researched and informative.
Does illuminate exist?  More than likely yes, but  greed is the real problem, so I think there are  lots of  “Illuminati’s”, like  Nestle, Coke, Federal Reserve, Royals etc. Any group or company where it is all about profit for the few at the cost of everybody and everything else, is just plain wrong, but we cannot really blame anybody but ourselves.  As long as you keep on supporting (by buying/using) their product you are feeding the greed and you are as much to blame as the greedy corporate families. Put your money where your mouth is, there is  seriously no point in shouting and screaming, yet you keep on supporting this system, that is nuts.

The fact is that this system we currently have is bound to fail, it is based on an endless supply of natural resources, which we do not have and this capitalistic system needs for you to buy buy buy, through away and buy buy buy some more, they need your money to exist, stop giving it to them.

I do not, however think we need to worry to much about  mother earth, she  is quite capable of looking after herself. She is being patient.

Bottom line, I don’t  worry to much about the evil Illuminati and their little plans, by doing that you only feed the fear.  Worry more about what is going on in your own head, what are you creating, for yourself and for the collective?
Then there are all the end of time/end of the world theories going around, and we see all the “signs” and again we fear. Very wrong thing to do, you attract what you fear.

One question –   are there really more disasters and wars or are we just more aware of them? The Japan earth quake is only the  8th biggest on record, there was a much bigger one in the late 1960’s in Chile, for example and  the Black plague killed Millions, in the  1800’s etc. etc., but we did not have Internet and 24 hour news channels to feed the fear. Fact is we mostly had no idea what was happening in a neighboring country, much less the other side of the world.

But that being said, I am convinced there are bigger forces at work, like a shifts in our axis toward a different kind of energy and you will either be able to adapt to this new energy, or you will perish.

All you need is love. Not the false face version, but genuine unconditional love and hating and blaming the Illuminati for everything is not going to get you there………. you will only end up perishing with them and their dark energies.

We must also remember that we are co-creating all the time and yes change is very necessary, but does it have to happen the hard way? Only if that is what we as a collective want. I am creating a peaceful, loving and easy transition, what are you creating for us ?





a Bit of an old photo, CLOSE ENCOUNTER, taken a few years ago near Vaalwater in Limpopo,

people do  not believe me, but I really took this photo.

Reading this article about the Tornado’s that just ripped through the bible belt, it is really starting to look like god is angry with the bible belt, or is it just me, but there seem to be constant tornado’s and floods and things.

My big mouth, better not be to judgmental, right now right here where I am sitting I am looking at (hopefully) the tail end of a really nasty Cyclone coming down the coast. Then if you look on  (this will probably look very different by the time you watch, because it is live, but such a cool toy, wanted to share) you see that there is another pretty mean looking set of fluffy white stuff coming in from the other direction, just missing Cape Town and heading this way. If these two collide above our head … let us not go there.

Enough about the weather, but if you never hear from me again, I probably moved on to another dimension, with the help of cyclone and friends.

To help people integrate into normal society.  That is the answer a Psychologist gave recently, when asked why they give people so many pills, hectic drugs that actually kill a lot of people. My question is – if you have to drug people into a stupor to make them integrate with society, doesn’t that tell you something is actually wrong with your “normal” society? I think so.

Then we have all these designer diseases, seriously there was no such thing as ADHD when I was a child, I am a sixties model and I fit the ADHD profile perfect, but lucky for me it was just called hyperactive then, so I never got drugged, just wasn’t allowed near the sugar.  And then more and more children started finding school and life in general beyond boring and dumb and not stimulating at all and then instead of changing the system, we force people to adapt to outdated system, by giving people pills to keep them mellow and mild. This sounds like an insane business. It sounds like the depression of evolution.

Psychology is also the only “science” based on no scientific fact at all. It’s all theory and we get drugged based of theory, so that we can fit into a designer society.

Calf on the beach, nothing to do with the article, just a nice picture

And what exactly is depression? We all feel down at times, but instead of dealing with the reasons, we stick a plaster over it (take a pill), and then sometimes live just really sucks, are you depressed if you have a lot of reason to be depressed? Lets say your car broke down, your cat died, the bathroom flooded and you got fired, I think you have good reason to feel like chewing through your own wrists, not so? So I think that depression should be called “hate my boring life disease”, nothing like the above disasters happened to you, but you hate live, people have to deal with boring lives and hateful jobs just to survive, but that will not be a nice thing to say and besides how are doctors going to get rich if they tell you that truth? Again this tells me there is something very wrong with our society, again we have to drug people, and why because they have miserable lives.

One of the reasons for this sad state of affairs is the amount of indoctrination that comes with the expensive education. People are also tough to think in a certain way and see themselves in a certain light. Education and intelligence is also not the same thing, you do need some brain cells to absorb and apply information, but that is a very small part of the big equation of intelligence. Read about a lady psychologist that died the other day, she was obsessed with this man and tried to climb down his chimney to get into his house, she got stuck and died from exposure.

Now I am not saying all people it the above mentioned field of study are crazy and brainwashed, like anywhere and everything else, you do find the good ones with real intent.