Still shifting and reshaping the interior, I am still having fun, but I will no longer bore you with the details and I have also decided not to publish to much photos of the inside of the communal or other houses, it feels like and invasion of privacy.


Communal space inside the house

Why do people to the things they do?  There is a guy (no names), he is building on the property, he uses one of the rooms in the house when he is here.  I made the room real nice, (it is not his room, he only uses it when he is here) he arrives here this morning, rips everything apart, until there is only a bare mattress and a table. Obviously this did hurt my feelings, but I got over that, because I do not think his intention was to hurt my feelings.  The question remains, was my act of creativity seen as a form of invasion of space, (that testosterone induced territorial thing only males understand) or does this person feel not worthy of something nice ? Still chewing on this one….

Part of the longer term plan is to create walking trails. Riaan undertook his first expedition today, he looked quite exhausted when he got back. Then he wanted to go and show me how beautiful it is and we got lost in the bushes, the problem is that you think you are following a path, but then you find out you are following a cow trail and they lead all over the place and nowhere at the same time.  We made it back just before dark.

Apparently we have a very big Bamboo bush. What to do with Bamboo, which is an alien species (I am being told the difference between alien and invasive is that the aliens does not take over that much, they are just alien, ie not indigenous to the area). We need lights outside, so here is the solution, Bamboo sticks, with solar lights inside and the Bamboo can also be used to line pathways. You can also build structures and furniture with it ….



A Bamboo hut, with Maxi in the front

Maxi, our Tomboyish female doggy, chased a Duiker (smallish buck) up a hill and down a hill and over a river. Wonder what Maxi will do if she actually catches one, they are way bigger than her. I am a bit worries they might kick her to a pulp, delete that thought.




Worsie, which means Sausage is our “pet’ squirrel, he moved to KD with us, all the way from Limpopo. The most precious little creature. He does not live in a cage, he does his own thing and picks his own “room”, usually more than one somewhere in a nearby tree or under a roof and “furnish” it with toilet paper, all you have to do to find Worsie is to follow the toilet  paper trail or wait from him to come for breakfast. Unfortunately not long after we arrived Worsie disappeared and was later found dead in and old Silo (full of water), near the house. He did not drown, there were far too many floating objects in the water and he was a smart creature. I have my own theory about what happened, but I cannot proof a thing so I will not go there. I will miss you very much Worsie, it was a big honor to have you as a close friend.