Eye-flowered Mantis, a visitor to the garden

We go from extreme to extreme, from the yin to the yang, when will we stop, when will we evolve to the realization that we have the power to change things, not just repeat the same old same…

This is the next step in our evolution, stop repeating the norm, find the 3rd option and very important, stop blaming God for everything.

Are we close to breaking this circle and entering a next dimension of perception, this will tie in very well with all the 2012 predictions of “the end of the world – as we know it” theory.

Age of Aquarius, my summary of that – each one to their own and keep in mind the REAL message, which is Love and faith, the bottom line message with Christians, Muslims and Jews etc. Unfortunately more often than not the rules and regulations becomes more important than the actual message.

Is this paradise or paranoia, what is the difference, only perception.

I would like all to blend and create a work of art called heaven (whatever your picture of heaven is) What is your picture of heaven? Make sure it is a good one!

But why is your heaven “out there somewhere on a cloud” or wherever. What about the here and now, why not create heaven here. You are not dead yet and we have the power to create heaven on earth. Most people still does not realize this, do you realize this?






Just a perfect day… Riaan in Haga Haga


So this is entry no. 11, and yesterday was my birthday. I am now 47 (4+7 = 11) in 2011… all just coincidence ?

We went down to Haga Haga, our nearest town. just Riaan and myself. It is such a beautiful little place and the weather was perfect. Riaan also gathered information for the walking trails he is planning.

The only damper on the day (the last few days actually) is a massive tooth ache. I mean massive. At first I was the brave one, I will fix it, it kind of worked, but kept on coming back.  I would wake up with no pain, but as the day went on it got worse and worse, until that point where you want to rip the tooth out with a pair of pliers or chop your own head of just to be rid of the pain and I am no sissy, or so I say… This carried on for almost a week and came to a full blown confrontation yesterday. The pain was just too much, I have to admit I lost the battle; I went to a Dentist this morning.  My poor ego is crushed, (now that I can feel that and not the tooth ache) I have always been quite proud of the fact that I do not get sick, not even colds and no allergies.

I am also not big van on Pharmaceutical products, but you know what, it is easy to talk.  When you are in serious pain and you have tried your best and nothing works, these pills suddenly does not look so bad, the side effect are suddenly not that important. I took a view Grandpa’s (very mild compared to some of the painkiller out there), which worked for a few days, but by yesterday they made no difference. Now what do you do, take stronger pills and then even stronger ones until you end up with an addictions problem and you still have a teeth problem (you are just not aware of it anymore) or do you get to the root (pardon the pun) of the problem, i.e. stop being so stubborn and go to a Dentist.

I also read somewhere, a while ago, about the amount of people walking around with constant tooth ache, simply because they cannot afford dental services.  I have a lot to be grateful for, but  I honestly think this is the worst pain I have ever experienced, but then again, as Riaan said “isn’t every tooth ache always the worst pain you have ever experienced?” I have to admit my teeth have always been a weak point, never been pretty, never been strong.

I also believe that there is very often a mind, body, spirit connection with pain and disease, maybe in this case it is some sort of retarded stress reaction to the whole uprooting and replanting my life just went through, not sure.

My timing is just really bad, because we are missing out on the 1st day of the Perma Culture course.  There is nothing I can do to change that now, we will just have to catch up one way or the other. I have been wanting to do this course or a similar type course in Pema Culture for a while, but nothing of this sort was happening in Limpopo.

I am very much looking forward to tomorrow…..








Our way of life (alternative, of the grid, trying to be self sustainable) is not necessary the right way, it is just a different way, at least we are trying, because the truth is that capitalism is bound to fail, it is a system based on a endless supply of resourced (which we do not have), you are expected to slave away, so that you can buy buy, throw away, buy buy some more , slave some more and so the vicious circle continues.  These resources we are wasting and polluting  are starting to run short already, even in the so called Western societies. What will happen when all the money in the world cannot buy you clean water, because there is no clean water…… So we either change this system or let it run into self destruct and we destroy ourselves, that simple.

The amazing part is that most people just do not see this, why is this?

Is it 12 years of indoctrination called schooling, followed up by live long brainwashing via TV and other media (The media does play a missive roll in sustaining the current system). We are being bullied, bombarded and brainwashed into supporting a system that works very well for very few, yet we strive to be like the few, we buy magazine and gloat over some movie star, because he/she is good looking, wealthy and famous (but famous for what exactly) we spend hours watching the Royal wedding, but I guess that is okay because you actually paid – via your tax money you sucker- for the wedding. We buy the most ridiculous products, (products that create waste) like under arm moisturizer, because the pretty (airbrushed) girl in the advertisement says you will be ugly and socially unacceptable if you don’t. We treat our slave master and torturers like kings and we aspire to be like them.

Sometimes I think we are so dumb we deserve to self destruct, but we are not really that dumb, it is just that our whole system is designed to keep us in a state of fear, fear of shortage, fear of alienation, fear of fear, for that matter.

Yet, every single messenger/master, like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, etc. all brought the same message –


All you need is love.



 I know all about the Illuminati and greed and reptilians and 911 and so the list goes on….all thanks to Facebook and other Social Media. Actually I knew all about it before that.

I also know that the conspiracy theory can very well be the conspiracy.  There are just so many contradictions and theories, some of them downright silly (you have to wonder what they are tripping on), while others are very scary and others are well researched and informative.
Does illuminate exist?  More than likely yes, but  greed is the real problem, so I think there are  lots of  “Illuminati’s”, like  Nestle, Coke, Federal Reserve, Royals etc. Any group or company where it is all about profit for the few at the cost of everybody and everything else, is just plain wrong, but we cannot really blame anybody but ourselves.  As long as you keep on supporting (by buying/using) their product you are feeding the greed and you are as much to blame as the greedy corporate families. Put your money where your mouth is, there is  seriously no point in shouting and screaming, yet you keep on supporting this system, that is nuts.

The fact is that this system we currently have is bound to fail, it is based on an endless supply of natural resources, which we do not have and this capitalistic system needs for you to buy buy buy, through away and buy buy buy some more, they need your money to exist, stop giving it to them.

I do not, however think we need to worry to much about  mother earth, she  is quite capable of looking after herself. She is being patient.

Bottom line, I don’t  worry to much about the evil Illuminati and their little plans, by doing that you only feed the fear.  Worry more about what is going on in your own head, what are you creating, for yourself and for the collective?
Then there are all the end of time/end of the world theories going around, and we see all the “signs” and again we fear. Very wrong thing to do, you attract what you fear.

One question –   are there really more disasters and wars or are we just more aware of them? The Japan earth quake is only the  8th biggest on record, there was a much bigger one in the late 1960’s in Chile, for example and  the Black plague killed Millions, in the  1800’s etc. etc., but we did not have Internet and 24 hour news channels to feed the fear. Fact is we mostly had no idea what was happening in a neighboring country, much less the other side of the world.

But that being said, I am convinced there are bigger forces at work, like a shifts in our axis toward a different kind of energy and you will either be able to adapt to this new energy, or you will perish.

All you need is love. Not the false face version, but genuine unconditional love and hating and blaming the Illuminati for everything is not going to get you there………. you will only end up perishing with them and their dark energies.

We must also remember that we are co-creating all the time and yes change is very necessary, but does it have to happen the hard way? Only if that is what we as a collective want. I am creating a peaceful, loving and easy transition, what are you creating for us ?




Spot the Dragon ?


I love what I do right here right now, but we still need to create a better income and it is really quite a challenge. I simply want a live worth living, not one where I run like a mad fool, doing something utterly useless for the sake of money/survival.

A live worth living. How many people can honestly say they have a live worth living. I realize this can be different for different people, but how many people do what they want to do, live where they want to live etc. yet people think they are free. Maybe free from starvation, but far from free.

Here is a little poem I wrote:


There is virtue in virginity

like pride in poverty


like freedom in fear

like Godliness in guilt


like love in lust

like victory in war


The ritual the rhyme

the conclusion the crime


How easy we fall in the trap of our old conditioned thinking.




Butterfly blue…

If you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can move mountains…

You create your own reality with your thoughts, this is scientifically proven, your thoughts are pure energy, enough of the same energy is matter, everything that you see around you is matter, and your matter is your reality. This process is happening all the time, whether you are aware of it or not, but then again, only if you believe it?

Changing those (negative) thought remains easier said than done or maybe as easy or as hard as you believe it to be?

Conditioning is the main barrier in this process of change, you form ideas about people and situations based on previous experience and you react (mostly instinctively) to your learned programming and we make the same mistakes over and over again. The first step in changing this is to be aware of this. Think about what you are thinking about. I guess this is what the Buddhists mean when they talk about being mindful.

It also takes guts to step out of the comfort zone of having the Universe/God to blame for the mess-ups and mishaps in your life, if you believe you have absolute creative power this whole thing becomes your responsibility, no more God to blame.

I am actually very good with this creating my own reality thing, but I have also learned I am not wise enough to do it all on my own. Unfortunately I lack self worth and wisdom and fore-sight, I ask for stupid stuff and then I get it! I am working on these issues, but in the meantime, I am back to co-operation with a higher source. Sometimes you know what you want, but is it what you need?

I realize my abilities but I doubt my wisdom.







Maxi and Dharma (Maxi is the small one)

Home alone, me and Maxi and Dharma howling outside, looking for Niki. Maybe I am not that alone, the whole zoo is here to keep me company.

It seems like we are going to stay in Lucky and Lua’s place. This is all a bit of an upset and not part of the original plan.

They do not want us to pay them rent, but they need a kitchen. We will built them a kitchen, maybe even before we move in, which will be in about a month and a half. There is water, but no sink etc.  This will then also be our first experience in building with natural materials, mostly wood but also some cob. I am busy working on the layout, how to make it nice and where to put what etc. That reminds me, I need to put some sort of agreement on paper. That is still a good thing, even within a community setup, the fact is people misunderstand each other or forget what they said, not on purpose, but it does happen, therefore it remains a good idea to get an agreement in writing. No lawyers required.

Riaan and I are “babysitting” for Anne and Tim; actually we are babysitting their grandchildren, which they are babysitting. They had to go to Hogsback. The “babies” are actually eight year old twin boys. Double trouble. Riaan and the two on them went to the beach. Where were suppose to go for a picnic near the Bamboo bush, but I got outvoted and I do not feel like the beach today.




We are expecting two Volunteers to arrive today. Jenna left two days ago, but before she left I got a haircut, a much needed hair cut! This lady has so many talents.

Two things that really changed the world, the “invention” of fire and the invention of the wheel, now the 3rd one is happening, it is the information highway/Internet. It is changing the world in a big way. It is super fast communication and information from and to anywhere on the planet and it is not that expensive. It is starting revolutions.

Interesting to try and make sense out of the whole OWB (Occupy Wall Street and all). It was started because of the internet and social networking sites like face book and twitter. I do not have TV, so I do not really know what the mainstream media is saying about it, or if they are saying much.  I can, however tell you that it is all over social media. I do actually get CNN on face book, but they do not seem to be giving the Occupy movement much attention.

I did come across one article in a website called Business Insider, they are sort of middle of the way not totally mainstream. This article actually makes a bit of a joke out of the whole movement. They took a picture of the crowd in front of Wall Street and you can see the protesters, one, with a coke in the one hand, newest iPod/pad, whatever in the other and a pair of Nike’s on the feet, they are still wearing the brand made by the companies they want to oust.  How much easier can it get, STOP BUYING THEIR STUFF! I have to scream that, because so few people seem to get this, their money is their power; they get their money from you, because you buy their products.  Stop giving it to them.

That being said, the occupy movement is a good thing, in the sense that it is creating awareness in a big way, via social media.





My personal Mandala


Yesterday was 11:11:11, but actually if you take the whole date, 11/11/2011, it really adds up to 8. According to some sources the shift or re-alignment or opening of star gates, (all depends on who you talk to ) already started somewhere in October. That being said, we had a communal supper last night and 11 people showed up, it was not planned that way, it just happened.

I do believe a shift of some sort is taking place, whether just in human consciousness or on a cosmic level or maybe the two goes hand in hand.

I have never been big on Numerology, Astrology, Tarots etc.  I think they can be very useful tools to find direction in certain situations, but if it starts ruling your live and you cannot get out of bed before you have read your cards or Astrology for the day, (I have seen this happen to people) it becomes a sad state of affairs and almost a kind of “religion” and where is free will in all of this?

So, I have never taken any of the above to serious. I did have my numerology done a couple of years ago, actually what caught my attention where the amazing Mandala’s this lady (Rosalind Pape) designs. She works out your personal numerology, each number corresponds to a certain color, and she then paints you a personal mandala, using your personal numbers/colors. I love my Mandala, I do feel connected to it, and sometime I use it as a focus point when I meditate.

You basically have four different numbers, a life path number, a destiny number, a soul urge number and an expression number. Well, here is my little secret, I have two master numbers, both 11’s and then there is an 8 and a 4 in the mix. This apparently mean that I am quite spiritually orientated, which I am, but I am also just human. I have also seen far too many spiritual people with massive egos, just because they have good numbers or healing hands or whatever, happens so easy and I don’t want to go there. Funny thing this, the “O so spiritual” ones with the big ego’s, total contradiction actually.


Two new permanent residents also arrived last night, part of the 11 for supper. Nicole and Fabian, they are very much into raw foods and I cannot wait to learn more, the one big advantage of raw food (apart from the health aspect) it the lack of dirty pots and pans, I just love that idea…






Haga Haga beach, on the way to a full moon picnic on the beach


Riaan in his birthday outfit

It was Riaan’s birthday and a full moon and perfect weather, so we had a full moon picnic on the beach. Anne baked us a cake and we used big banana leafs for plates.

As I have mentioned many times before, one of the changes of living in paradise is the fact that you are still part of planet earth and you still need to earn some money. Actually, lot of people would love to create an income from home, using their computer, but you always need a website and then you need a registered domain name, there are some cheap (and they look cheap) ones available, then I came across this –, this can effectively turn any blog address into a web address.

I did this with my Google blog, but I obviously haven’t done it here yet, just trying to get some content up first.

The super nice bit is that you effectively have two addresses, which will help on the SEO’s, because it gives you double exposure on the search engines. Instead of having a address like, it will be

Look so much better! You can essentially turn any basic blog, into something that looks a lot more like a website and it is really free.  The only “catch” is that you have to put a back-link from your site to their site; I do this with the greatest of pleasure. You can see the link on my Google blog –

The other great advantage here is that you pretty much get the name you want, I tried chasingthegreendragon on Google blog and there was already another 1 000 in existence, now I have the name I want!

We had a massive storm last night, some broken windows, lots of trees blew over.



Another of the Cob houses at KD

Green is very often grey; by that I mean that you might assume that something is green or eco friendly, but is it really?

I will take our toothpaste as an example. We use Miswak, love the taste and no fluoride, much better than the Colgates etc. but that does not necessary make it green. The fact of the matter is that this toothpaste is manufactured in India and flown to South Africa, a big footprint, not green at all. Here is another example – you buy Organic Veggies from Woollies because it is better for you, but again how green is it? Look at all the packaging! Plastic pollution at its best and very often their products are also imported, not green at all.

I now make my own toothpaste, actually I am still experimenting. At this point I am trying Bicarbonate of soda with salt (equal parts) with a few drops of tee tree and a few drops mint essence. Miswak has a liquorices taste, I like that, so maybe next time I should put in liquorices essence, do you get such a thing? Better yet, Miswak is the root of a plant, plant the plants. Next problem here, now we are “importing” potential future invasive species, not well at all. Not so easy to be green and you might not always be as green as you think you are.

Then there is Tea Tree, I am in love with the stuff, but again the Tea Tree plant is an Australian plant and all the oil is imported from Australia. Local is better, imported stuff just does not make any green sense.  Tea Tree is a better mouthwash than any of the commercial stuff and it does not burn your mouth to pieces. There are a lot of uses for Tea Tree, I am going to miss it, but I will have to find something local that is similar, but if you would like to know more about Tea Tree, go to .

Solar power and even Wind power both gets stored in truck (like) batteries full of lead, (if you do not know what the problem with lead is, go to ), how green is that?  They are called deep cell batteries and the plastic itself is very thick and will be around for the next trillion years. So you might not get an electricity bill every month, but it is not that green. I am by no means knocking solar and wind technology, I am just hoping they will come up with some other more friendly “storage system” very soon. The batteries also only last about five years and they are very expensive.You also need at least 4 batteries to store at least a decent amount of energy, at about Zar 2 000.00 per battery.



Solar and wind, all good accept for the big plastic batteries, also do not be fooled into thinking these system are cheap, they are not.

I am going to say this again, I am not knocking the solar and wind business, we have to use and support these technologies, I am just saying that they are not flawless, there is still a lot that can improve, but I love the solar cooker, that obviously also has limitations in the sense that it only works when there is son. Want to see the solar cooker?

Well, just keep on trying and thinking and you will get better and better at really living green and in harmony with earth and it takes a bit of getting use to, but it is all one big adventure.



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